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Why CharityAntivirus?

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All profit goes to children in need!

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  • About Us

    For a long time, the founder of CharityAntivirus, Janus Rægaard Nielsen, wanted to find an ideal way of raising money to children in need. After he became a father himself 6 years ago, the interest grew to find a new way to bring people together and make it easy and beneficial to help give children a better life.

    That is how CharityAntivirus was born. Janus R. Nielsen came up with the idea to give away a fundamental software and let it be up to the consumer to set the price. Moreover, since his expertise lies within PC security, it made sense to combine this competence with charity.

    We want it to be appealing to the consumer to contribute to children’s charities. In this way we can fulfil our vision to watch children grow up, be secure where they live and have the opportunity to an education. In order for CharityAntivirus to be as efficient as possible, 100% of our profit will go to various charities that we have chosen to corporate with, and thereby together lower some of the following numbers:

    1. 10 million children die every year before their 5th birthday
    2. 24 million children grow up without parents
    3. 72 million grow up without the opportunity to go to school

    Please help us give more children a happy and safe future!

  • Why CharityAntivirus?

    Our vision is to see children grow up in a safe environment with the opportunity to get an education. This is why 100% of our profit goes to various children’s charities.

    When using CharityAntivirus instead of other free antivirus software you get more than just an antivirus program. Besides getting the best antivirus technology in the world, you get a chance to make a difference for children in need by being a part of our organisation.

  • Who We Are?

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen – Founder of CharityAntivirus

    Janus R Nielsen is a Danish IT entrepreneur with various IT business startups on the CV. He has over 20 years’ experience in the IT Consumer, Security and Internet industry.

    Specially known for the following startups:; PC & Internet security software company mainly focusing on private consumers. Known for products like MYAntivirus, MYFreeAntivirus, MYInternetSecurity, MYPCTuneUp, MYSecureOnlineBackup, MYSecureUSB.

    The company headquarter is based in Marbella Spain and have approx. 50 employees.

    www.MYMobileSecuritycom; which he founded with Swedish partners Kevin Freij and Jonas Borgh. MYMobileSecurity is generally known as being among the top 10 mobile security companies in the world. Most known products are; MYMobileProtection, MYAndroidProtection and MYMobileBackup.

    His professional life:

    His first job after graduating with a diploma i International Marked Economist was as a Shop Manager Trainee in the Danish success retail chain; Jysk, which are famous for selling bed and linen, furniture’s and more at very attractive prices.

    He started out in an outlet in the Swedish city Gothenburg, Angered department.

    He very quickly learned everything about running a shop, a business and everything it took. He often mentions this as a fantastic time and a fantastic education which gave him lots of experience.

    His first job in IT was at Corel Corporation where he was heading up their Danish retail sales for the company with famous products as WordPerfect, Gallery 65.000 and PrintHouse Magic.

    He quickly got the responsibility for the Nordic region and as a Regional Sales Director he, in less than 4 years, took the Nordic market from nothing to the best performing region in the world. Among some of his achievements he was awarded “Sales Exec of the year, 1995” among more than 1500 sales Exec´s worldwide.

    In 1997 he went to Computer Associates (CA) to head up the Nordic Security Software Channel Division as a Regional Vice President. Later he also took over the Pan European OEM Security Software.

    In 2003 he decided to start his own company together with a longtime childhood friend. He had a feeling that there were huge possibilities in consumer security software if sold the right way. It was the days of the “I love you” and “Kurnikova” viruses and new virus outbreaks were almost everyday news. Lots of surveys said that more than 80% of computers in private homes lacked security…that was the start of

    MYSecurityCenter, often referred to as MSC, wanted to deliver cheap, easy to use security software to private consumers. Among the top partners can be mentioned, Medion, Targa and Gericom, German based PC manufactures where the MSC antivirus got preinstalled.

    Also traditional retail chains like Fona, Expert and Aldi carried their products. Among lots of online promotion partners Jubii, Lycos, Just-Eat and Nordea can be mentioned as a fed among many.

    In the early years MSC only had one product, a very basic antivirus product from Computer Associates, CA. With this product MSC manage to get more than 15.000.000 users and more than 500.000 paying subscribers.

    In 2006 MYSecurityCenter was awarded “EMEA partner of the year” by CA, an American international fortune 500 software company. Still today MSC is the only partner in the Nordics which have achieved this award!

    Today MYSecurityCenter is often described as a fine-tuned company, with a good product mix and services. Especially Project Manager Charlotte Way, Support Manager Marion Williams, Chief Designer Vasco Peixoto and Janus R Nielsen’s brother Anders are seen as instrumental for the company’s development.

    Based on the experiences earned via MYSecurityCenter Janus R Nielsen in 2009 decided to start together with a long time CA colleague, Kevin Freij and Mobile app veteran Jonas Borgh, both Swedish!

    MYMobileSecurity is seen as one of the top mobile security companies in the world and are having more than 100.000 new users weekly and hundreds of new paying subscribers daily.

    Aleksander Nilsson, Strategic Alliance Manager at Charity Antivirus

    Despite his young age, Aleksander Nilsson has over 10 years of work experience within sales, retail and marketing both in Denmark and abroad. On top of that, he has recently obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and IT-based Marketing and Communication, which gave him the opportunity to live and study in both Denmark, Mexico and Spain. The internship period at MYSecurityCenter introduced him to the world of online trading and software.

    The inspiration and vision of founder Janus R. Nielsen to create a new way of doing charity, was a huge appeal to Aleksander, who since the start has had a large influence at CharityAntivirus.

    "I was persuaded since day one, as I believe this is a completely new way of doing charity. I have previously worked for charity organizations such as Surf Life Savings in Australia, which showed me how tough circumstances the charities in general have. However, I am also convinced that many consumers choose not to spend their money when they do not get anything in return. I have seen this in my youth while collecting contributions door-to-door for one of the major children’s charity organizations. That is why I am excited to be a part of a project, which gives away an inevitable software product to the consumer."

    Andreas Kristiansen, Strategic Alliance Manager at CharityAntivirus

    Parallel to his professional sports career he has worked with sales and administration. He worked and studied in Spain in several sittings and got the opportunity to be a part of CharityAntivirus through University of Southern Denmark from where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree. He came on this project almost at the initial stage and has gained a lot of new tools within online communication and how to think new in today’s fast moving e-business environment.

    "Our innovative team with Janus Nielsen in the lead has a rare combination of creative understanding and strategic acumen that has inspired me a lot. The concept of thinking modern PC-protection into children’s charities makes a lot of sense to me and hopefully this initiative will take fundraising to new levels."

  • Best Technology, Protection & Service

    CharityAntivirus is a part of the MYSecurityCenter group. It is the cornerstone in our business philosophy that we simply in all we do want to be among the very best in the world.

    We only want to use the best and newest technologies and only want to use what is considered the best protection methods and engines. The antivirus and internet security technology we use in our products has several times been awarded best in the world by world renown security software test organisation

    We are also extremely proud by being recommended worldwide by Microsoft as being one of the best antivirus products for maximum Windows protection. On every local Microsoft page about windows antivirus there is a direct link to our site. Click here to see how Microsoft are recommending us on their American .com site.

    When it comes to support and service our philosophy is exactly the same. Our dedicated team of friendly supporters are trained to go all the way and beyond. We simply do not want to have any unhappy customers. We are proud to be rated among the very best in our industry by the users of Trustpilot, which is one of the biggest and leading consumer review sites in the world. Especially our service and support are again and again highlighted by the Trustpilot users and we have a 9,4 out of 10 EXELLENT rating!

  • Become our Ambassador

    GOLD Ambassadors

    This level is for those who want to engage seriously in charity. By receiving this status you will be linked under ‘partners’ and you will receive our gold ambassador logo and signature.

    You can become a gold ambassador in three ways.

    1. For private persons, by giving more than 150 €.
    2. For bloggers, by posting our link, write about us or share our news from various media sites.
    3. For companies, by being our sponsors and provide financial aid to help us share our message.

    SILVER Ambassadors

    This level is for those who want to engage in charity by giving more than 50 € for the antivirus programme. With this status, you will receive our silver ambassador logo and signature.

    BRONZE Ambassadors

    This level is for those who want to engage in charity by giving any amount, up to 49 €. With this status, you will receive our bronze ambassador logo and signature.

    FREE CharityAntivirus

    Anyone can get CharityAntivirus for free. If you choose this option, you do not become our ambassador. You get an excellent antivirus protection, however, we strongly encourage you to share our message and in this way help supporting a good cause.

The Charities We Support

  • The Agger Foundation
    The Agger Foundation
    Over a period of time I have been wondering how I can help making a difference to children who, for some reason, have ended up having problems. This is why I am thrilled to be a part of CharityAntivirus to ensure more children a good start to their life.

Press In the Press

  • Microsoft, one of the leading IT companies in the world, has chosen to mention the Danish Charity Concept “Charity Antivirus” on their website. This kind of notability on the internet hopefully creates money for good causes.


    It is the IT entrepreneur Janus R. Nielsen who is behind the concept.

    The idea is to build up an antivirus company where the profits do not end up at the owners' bank accounts – but to charity instead.

    The concept was launched in October 2013 where several celebrities, including the Danish Football Player Daniel Agger, were a part of the marketing.

    At home in the autumn it attracted attention when the Danish entrepreneur Janus R. Nielsen told about the Charity Concept “Charity Antivirus” who will give its profits to charity. Now the concept has obtained progress in the form of a partner coverage on Microsoft´s website.

    The American Software Giant is now mentioning the Danish Charity Antivirus as one of the providers of security software which Microsoft describes as both compatible and secure.

    Practically this means that a user, who for example is on Microsoft´s website and is reading about the security and functionality of Windows 7 operating system, is being presented to the Danish concept along with 15 other antivirus software providers. Among them are names like Norton, McAfee and Microsoft itself.

    The founder Janus R. Nielsen tells that the acceptance from Microsoft has helped to boost the number of visits to the Charity Antivirus website. Simply it has been a part of giving a worldwide interest that you on Microsoft´s various country sites get Danish Charity Antivirus name up as one who Microsoft officially recommends.

    "It means a lot. It shows that people take our project seriously and that there are many like us who want to help children in need. In other words, this is a stamp of seriousness" he said.

    William's idea

    The Story of Charity Antivirus was generally known in October last year where Janus R. Nielsen told about the concept and the background to Berlingske. He said that the idea arose when his then four year-old son, William, asked his father why they could not just fill a truck with food and bring it to the children in the world where they are starving.

    At first Janus R. Nielsen did not had a good answer to that question.

    Shortly after he came up with the idea for Charity Antivirus - a business where all profits go to charity. The reason for taking a starting point in antivirus was that Janus R. Nielsen for years has been running companies which sells antivirus solutions, primarily through the company "My Security Center".

    The concept of Charity Antivirus offers the customers an antivirus solution for free like other actors like for example AVG. After all Charity Antivirus has the twist, that you can choose to pay for the product.

    Janus R. Nielsen tells that Microsoft´s recommendation of Charity Antivirus has made the visit at the website exploding. More than 100.000 people have already been to the website and every day there are thousands of visitors.

    According to the founder the result has been thousands of downloads. When it becomes a company with an operating profit that can send it´s profits to charity, is still uncertain. However Janus R. Nielsen thinks that the concept is in the right direction:

    »We know that it can take years to get to that level where we can be able to make a large difference but with the blessing of Microsoft we are a huge step in the right direction« he says.

    Read the source article clicking here

    Berlingske BUSINESS • 2014-04-27
  • Charity Antivirus - - combines the need to protect your computer with the need to provide aid for youngsters in difficult circumstances. 100 per cent of the profits go towards children's charities - including the Daniel Agger Foundation. The idea of entrepreneur and Danish computer security expert, Janus Nielsen, the concept is incredibly simple.

    Charity Antivirus can be downloaded for free with no cash obligation; instead, you can promote the charity via social media and enjoy a year's use of the software.

    However, should you wish to participate, you can become an official ambassador for the charity - and every penny will be distributed towards helping children living in tough conditions via the Daniel Agger Foundation.

    For Agger, who established his foundation in 2012, it's a project he feels strongly about.

    "When you start a foundation, you always hope to help as many as possible," he said. "I knew when I started I couldn't help the whole world, but if I could just help a little bit I felt I could make a difference.

    "With Charity Antivirus, I think we can help a lot more than I could have done without it.

    "We can raise funds to help a lot more kids - and there are plenty out there that need help, that's the problem and so I'll do everything I can to help this.

    "I'm at a point in my life where I feel I can do it. I've been lucky because I've had a great life so far, my kids have a good life and football has given me so much. Now I just want to give a little bit back."

    For more information on Charity Antivirus, and to download the software, visit

    Read the source article clicking here

    Liverpool F.C. TV • 2013-11-07
  • The Danish national team captain Daniel Agger accompanied by musician Mads Langer, participates in a new antivirus project where you can download an antivirus program for your computer , and independently determine the price which will go to charity.

    The project is made in collaboration with IT entrepreneur Janus Nielsen, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, and has wanted to make a difference on a daily basis. In short, each customer can choose their own price of the antivirus software, which Janus Nielsen does not hesitate to call the world's best. This gives you the opportunity to support a good cause while you secure your PC.

    Besides being an ambassador for the project, Daniel Agger has the foundation " The Agger Foundation ", which helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children get a good start in life. Here, Agger auctions off several of his exciting football shirts and boots and several of his teammates.

    We think it's a really good initiative that we would like to support. We therefore hope that you will stop by the CharityAntivirus' website, twitter or facebook and combine a good antivirus program with the possibility to support a good cause

    Read the source article clicking here

    Fodbold Experten • 2013-10-18
  • Although most parents think their children are some little geniuses, probably very few people actually will throw money after their children’s ideas.

    This was however exactly what entrepreneur Janus Rægaard Nielsen decided to do in the summer of 2012, when his son came home from school with a worried look on his face:

    - We live on the Costa del Sol and can see across to Africa. One day, little William came home whilst I was standing and looking over to Africa, and then he said, "Dad, why can’t we just fill the car up with food and water – they are just over there?" It was like getting a fist right in the stomach, says Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    William had that day learned about Africa in school and found out that there are a lot of children who do not have it as good as him.

    - He was very persistent for about four to five weeks. I had a hard time explaining to him why we cannot just do something, says Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    Therefore, he decided to spend 2 million DKK on what is now the antivirus program CharityAntivirus with the simple concept: You pay what you are willing to pay and then all the money will go to vulnerable children.

    - I do not get any money out of this, says Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    - I am super proud that it is my 4.5-year-old son who opened my eyes to this issue, says Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    Read the source article clicking here

    Metroxpress • 2013-10-17
  • How free antivirus helps children in need

    The IT entrepreneur uses football star Daniel Agger as a front figure for a charity project that provides a free antivirus program. Find out why he has personally spent millions on the project.

    Want a free antivirus program? Or do you want to get an antivirus program and at the same time give money to help children in need? This is the option that charity project Charityantivirus now offers.

    The man behind the project is IT entrepreneur, Janus Rægaard Nielsen, who is also the owner of the antivirus and security firm MYSecurityCenter.

    He has teamed up with - probably the most popular football player in Denmark, Daniel Agger, who normally plays in the English club Liverpool FC. Danish musician Mads Langer also supports the project with the musical backdrop on the project website.

    The project's income must come from the customers who choose to pay for an otherwise free antivirus program. The software Charityantivirus is -except for the name, identical to the antivirus program delivered by MYSecurityCenter, which also is identical to antivirus products from Bitdefender.

    If you choose to pay for the free software, you become a subscriber to Charityantivirus, and after a year can renew your subscription.

    According to Janus Rægaard Nielsen he and Bitdefender are offering the software licenses free of charge to the project, and the entire revenue - minus VAT and administrative expenses goes to The Agger Foundation, that supports the children’s charity.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen says he also has spent a large amount of money out of own pocket to get the project off the ground - money which he emphasizes will not be recovered. He expects that between 60 and 80 percent of the total revenue collected will go directly to The Agger Foundation.

    What do you get out of providing free software to the people who give money to CharityAntivirus?

    "I don’t make any profit on CharityAntivirus to MYSecurityCenter. I just do this, because I wish to make a difference for children in need now that I have the opportunity. So there is no attempt to do business with Charitiantivirus, MYSecurityCenter or Janus Nielsen. It is just charity.”

    The customers who subscribe via Charityantivirus, are probably also customers who are part of your database for MYSecurityCenter?

    "No, not at all. They are not MSC customers in any way, and they never will be. Customers make a deal with Charityantivirus. Fair and square and the money does not end up in my pockets."

    How long can you use the free antivirus program?

    "Once you have downloaded the free program, you get it for 12 months. Then afterwards we will contact the customer and tell them that the free period is over. If they still want the program they will have to pay for the product, but it is up to the user to decide at that point. If the customer does not pay, then we just part ways. If we do not hear from customers who have chosen the paid version, we renew the agreement for the same price as their original payment. And all the money goes also to Charityantivirus. There is no money from the second, third or fourth year that will end in mine or anyone else's pockets.

    How much of the money goes to charity?

    "We want it to be self-sustaining, and we expect that 60 to 80 percent of the total revenue collected will go directly to The Agger Foundation.

    You write on MySecurityCenter's website that you have 16 million happy users. That is a lot of ushers. How much revenue do you have in MYSecurityCenter?

    "Our definition of a happy user is one that within the last ten years has installed and downloaded our product. So we assume that as long as they have not complained or contacted us, they are a happy user. Is it going too far ahead? I do not think it is. And last year we had a turnover of roughly 1,8 million EUR.

    You also state that you have "hundreds " of " Best in Test " awards. But this is not your product, but the software from Bitdefender that you put your company name to?

    "We have an agreement with Bitdefender and test companies, that we use their logos and test results. We have during the last three years sold identical copies of BitDefender products called Bitdefender Antivirus and Bitdefender Internet Security. It is exactly the same product we sell. We do not write something on our site, that they are not ok with. "

    So it's not exactly your product that has been tested?

    "We do not write that it is our software that has been tested. We require that the antivirus technology we use in MYAntivirus, MYFreeAntivirus and MYInternetSecurity, is the world's best and it is entirely consistent with both manufacturers and the testing organization. We do not develop something ourselves. During the ten years that I have been in the anti-virus software business, we have only sold a product from CA Technologies and we have also one time been around McAfee. Three years ago we decided to change to Bitdefender, which is the best antivirus product.

    Watch the video and read more about the project by clicking here

    ComputerWorld • 2013-10-14
  • Daniel Agger is not afraid to take the lead on the football field. And now the captain of the Danish national team also shows that he is ready to fight off the field. This he shows in a collaboration with a new charity project called "CharityAntivirus" where all profit will go to children´s charity.

    Agger has agreed to contribute - also in the company of musician Mads Langer – to promote an antivirus program, where 100% of the profit will go to Childrens charity. The users can select the price - but it is also possible to download free of charge.

    The man behind the project is IT entrepreneur Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    - I have for a long time been thinking about contributing to charity. I love children and like the idea of a charity antivirus program, which fits my philosophy about making it as attractive as possible for the consumer to support a good cause, he says in a press release.

    Agger is an ambassador for the project and also "The Agger Foundation" which supports disadvantaged children, so it was natural for the Liverpool star to say yes to cooperate.

    The project will be published Friday in the World Cup qualifying match against Italy.

    Watch the video and read more about the project by clicking here

    Ekstra Bladet • 2013-10-10
  • The purpose of CharityAntivirus is to offer antivirus software to people for voluntary payment. The payment is then given to charity focusing on children.

    Liverpool midfielder Daniel Agger and musician Mads Langer's are now ambassadors for this very project.

    Giving something back

    For the IT entrepreneur, it's about giving something back. Janus Rægaard Nielsen became a father six years ago, so the choice of helping disadvantaged children came naturally.

    "Career-wise, I have come to a point in my life where I want to try to give something back and make a difference, " says the 42 -year-old entrepreneur.

    He hopes that the new project may be able to help the millions of children around the world who live in poor conditions.

    Simple idea

    The idea is basically quite simple. Users will be able to download the product for free, but can also choose to give away some money at the same time. " But we would of course like to have as many as possible to pay and all amounts big or small will make a difference" says Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    In this way the user can help to support a good cause, with an amount that they feel comfortable with.

    Agger and Langer shows their support

    The two Danish profiles Daniel Agger and Mads Langer support the project in their own ways.

    Daniel Agger contributes by appearing in a one and a half minute long video with the five -year-old boy William, whilst the sounds of one of Mads Langer numbers is playing in the background. Together they ask people to support the project.

    In addition they both appear on the CharityAntivirus webpage.

    Read the original article

    BORSEN. • 2013-10-09
  • By: Morten Jasper

    Buy an antivirus program and the profits will go to children's charities.

    That is the idea behind the experienced IT entrepreneur Janus Rægaard Nielsen's latest project. He has made his fortune in a number of companies in IT security, and has now decided to work on a project that can make a difference for children in need.

    "I have gradually established a handful of companies and that have been sold successfully. But I have so far not done anything that could make a real difference. I was hoping one day to come up with an idea that could make a difference "he explains.

    He has teamed up with two Danish celebrities to help raise awareness of the new charity concept. It's soccer player Daniel Agger and musician Mads Langer.

    This week he launches the website where it is possible to download an antivirus program.

    "We really believe that we have something here. We know that there annually are about 50 million antivirus - related searches on Google. It is one of the largest subjects on Google. We hope that people will choose to support a good cause when choosing their antivirus software, "he says.

    Users can choose whether to pay for the product or whether they want to download it for free and just to spread the word via social media. If you want to pay, you choose the price. The concept is developed in collaboration with antivirus manufacturer Bitdefender.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen guarantees that 100 per cent of the proceeds will go to charity and will be used to improve the lives of children. He expects that it will be between 60 and 80 per cent of revenue, as there will be costs for development and support of the program, which may increase in parallel with the number of users rising.

    "We hope that Charity Antivirus within 18 to 24 months has taken a significant share of the global market for free antivirus programs. And we aim to get over a million to pay for the product within the first two years and that 40 million has visited our website and seen our video on the project, "he says.

    Agger's mission

    It's football player Daniel Agger, who appears in the video, with background music by Mads Langer. Here Daniel Agger inform us that a child dies every five seconds from hunger, and he invites the viewer to engage.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen has sought out Daniel Agger due to his position as one of Denmarks greatest athletes and since he plays for Liverpool FC and therefore has a large network among English top players.

    "If the concept is a success in Denmark, then it will be introduced to new countries very soon. It is obvious that we are using the vast network that Daniel Agger has, says the man behind the project.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen has worked on the project for two years alongside his other businesses and he has spent over a million of his own money on the project.

    His primary business is MYSecurityCenter where he sells antivirus technology on the web, and in the summer he sold his app company MYMobileSecurity (MMS) to the IT company MGS. MMS was founded in 2009 along with two Swedish partners. He also helped to set up that sell glasses online.

    Read the original article

    Berlingske BUSINESS • 2013-10-09
  • By Rasmus Elm Rasmussen

    "It is time to give something back" says Janus Rægaard Nielsen, who recently sold the app company MYMobileSecurity. He is also behind a number of other successful IT companies in the Internet and the security industry.

    "Career-wise, I have come to a point in life where I want to try to help, give something back, make a difference," says the 42 -year-old entrepreneur who for about two years - after becoming a father six years ago -, has been puzzling with the idea of starting a children´s charity project.

    Now he thinks that he has found the perfect concept that hopefully will make a noticeable difference. Project CharityAntivirus is now born - a concept that allows users to download one of the best antivirus programs while supporting a good cause.

    People can choose whether they want to pay money for the product or whether they want to download it for free and simply spread the good word via social media. If you choose to pay for the product, you can choose the price. " Of course we would like to have as many as possible pay, but any amount big or small would be appreciated says Janus R. Nielsen, which guarantees to give all profit to children's charities .

    The concept has been developed in cooperation with Bitdefender who made the product available for free. Bitdefender and the technology have been voted as the world's best, in recent years.

    "I 'm really proud of CharityAntivirus and I think that within a short time, we can make a difference. Why not install CharityAntivirus instead of one the many other free or commercial software? Everyone we have approached has been extremely positive about the concept. Daniel Agger and Mads Langer has made a great effort to make the concept a success, "says Janus R. Nielsen.

    IT entrepreneur hopes that the concept will be successful, first in Denmark and later in the rest of Europe and USA. In a 1.5 minute promotional video Daniel Agger along with a five- year-old boy ask people to support the project to the tune of Mads Langer´s popular music. The video can be found on the webpage.

    Watch the video and read more about the project by clicking here

    Alt om DATA • 2013-10-09
  • Lene Poppy Lund, , 8 October mph. 10:00 ( 0 )

    IT entrepreneur Janus Rægaard Nielsen have in collaboration with Daniel Agger and Mads Langer a launched a new charity concept. The new concept called is CharityAntivirus and is very different from his previous projects.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen have recently sold the application company MYMobileSecurity.

    - Dane has sold app company for millions

    - "Career-wise , I have come to a point in life where I want to try to help, give something back, make a difference, says the 42 -year-old entrepreneur, who after even being father six years ago, have been playing with the idea of starting a childrens charity project up for a long time.

    People can choose whether they want to pay money for the product and the service is included - or whether they want to download it for free and spread the word via social media. And if they desides to pay they can choose whatever amount, that they feel comfortable with.

    The concept has been developed in collaboration with antivirus manufacturer Bitdefender.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen guarantees that all profits goes to childrens charity. You can read more about the project here.

    Watch the video for the new project including Daniel Agger to the tunes of Mads Langer. Both profiles are ambassadors for CharityAntivirus. The video can be watch at The official CharityAntivirus webpage.

    Read the original article

    Jyllands-Posten PREMIUM • 2013-10-08
  • The Danish entrepreneur Janus Rægaard Nielsen, has sold the company MYMobileSecurity, which he founded together with two Swedish partners in 2009.

    The company sold security applications for smartphones.

    - "In a few years we have managed to establish MYMobileSecurity among the largest and most important players in the rapidly growing market for smartphone security. We have gained about 6 million users and more than 100.000 paying subscribers from our first app, MYAndroidProtection. We have agreements with operators all over the world and we are generally very proud of that, since we started from scratch, only 3-4 years ago and with no major investments. We have managed to make MMS a profitable and steadily growing company in a market characterized by fierce competition and multiple large multinational companies which have billions of dollars, says founder and majority shareholder Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    There has been a huge market for smartphone and tablet security, which the major traditional security companies have controlled. MYMobileSecurity had the advantage to be first movers and therefore the company established itself in the market.

    MYMobileSecurity was sold. The buyer is MGS, which is financially strong.

    Janus Rægaard Nielsen has other projects in the pipeline including collaborations with Danish innovator Casper Blom. Furthermore he is starting a new charity concept called CharityAntivirus, which he plans to unveil soon.

    Read the original article

    Mobilsiden • 2013-10-01
  • It is said that the best ideas are often the simplest ideas.

    Four years ago, a few Swedes persuaded Janus Rægaard Nielsen to expand the company, from only selling security software for computers and to include the mobile industry; the same concept, just with mobile.

    Quite simple.

    At the time, few could predict that the smartphone would move all technology out of the hand; apps would wipe the desktop and shortcuts aside, and that the “cloud” would pull the plug on servers.

    Today, most see it and MYMobileSecurity - as the two Swedes and Janus Rægaard Nielsen named - is another example of it.

    The company was favored by being among the first to develop an antivirus and monitoring program for smart phones, and the applications received a lot of attention in the press. MYMobileSecurity won the test event and was downloaded 100,000 times a week.

    Last year, the value of the company was estimated to be 130 million. And it was not entirely wrong: MYMobileSecuriy has just been sold to American MGS Corporation in a deal that triggers between 25 and 65 million to major shareholder Janus Nielsen, depending on how the transition goes during the next 10 months .

    He explains that success is a happy coincidence of several circumstances. Not least the exploding mobile market.

    "You have to be a bit of a clown, if you can´t grow in such a market," says Janus Rægaard Nielsen, who has topped 10 million downloaded apps and is well aware of the question which adds up below:

    From number 1 to 12

    "Why did we choose to sell the company? Yes, it was going well, but suddenly we started to decline from 100,000 downloads per week to 50,000. The reason was that the big players - Symantec , Norton, McAfee and the other bandits had seen what we saw four years ago. And at the turn of the year more of them came roaring with hundreds of millions in their back pockets. They made contracts with mobile operators, gave the software away for free and advertised like crazy. Therefore, we went in a short time from being number 1 on the download lists to be number 12 , "says Janus Nielsen, who could not afford to respond.

    He then went in search of capital in the form of a merger and found it easy to say yes, when MGS offered to buy the entire company. The acquisition has

    given the 42- year-old entrepreneur more liquidity to start up more companies from his home in southern Spain, where he also has a wife and young son to care for.

    The choice was therefore easy, but it does not necessarily mean that it was the best solution, says Janus Rægaard Nielsen.

    "I would obviously like to have sold MYMobileSecurity to a Danish company, so that we together may have created jobs for young, enterprising app developers. Unfortunately, the economic benefits are very limited in Denmark for entrepreneurs. This is also reflected in the share of investment made in Denmark, " says Janus Nielsen, who for the very same reason is living in Spain.

    Read the original article

    Jyllands-Posten PREMIUM • 2013-09-14
  • What do you like and dislike the most about the IT industry?

    I have met many successful and respected people who started in the IT industry without any relevant background. At MYSecurityCenter and MYMobileSecurity you will also find several management positions occupied by successful people without the right resume - but with the right attitude. An impediment to the IT industry is that the Americans want us Europeans to do business as they think it should be done. That has often put a stop to many good initiatives and agreements.

    What are you most proud of in your career?

    I think that must be my latest company, MYMobileSecurity. We have more than 100,000 new users every week and we have got a number of great collaborations. We have rounded 20,000 paying subscribers and with the recent agreements with European operators, we expect our goal to reach more than 1,000 new paying subscribers a day, to be a reality.

    And what are you least proud of?

    It cost us a lot of money that we kept CA as a supplier for as long as we did. The software was simply not good enough. But I used to be employed at CA, and had responsibility for their security products, so I kept hoping that they got the hang of it. CA recently sold its consumer software division for about 55 million dollars. This shows that the number of customers was very limited, and is probably why there have been so few resources for development. I should have listened to our customers much earlier and switched immediately. Fortunately, we now have a supplier that we are very happy with, and which are among the best on the market.

    I highly respect Henrik Sørensen from Jubii and SPAMfighter - without detracting Martin Thorborg's efforts, Henrik accomplished those two successes. Furthermore he created many great jobs for young Danes, who wish to pursue a future in the IT world. Additionally, I have great respect for the work of my friends Morten Wagner, (Freeway) and Jesper Buch (Just-Eat) have accomplished. It shows that you can go far with the right attitude, without necessarily having a big bag of venture capital in the back pocket.

    Where would you be today if you could go back in time and develop your own career?

    It sounds like a cliché, but I would be right where I am now. I have an exciting time ahead of me, with the launch of two new companies, MYPCSupport and CharityAntivirus. Especially CharityAntivirus, I think is great. The idea is to give our total profit to a number of charities. It is great to have the opportunity to participate in such a project, which is the outcome of the last ten years of hard and dedicated work.

    What are you doing in ten years?

    I'm doing what I do today, but with less work. Hopefully I will have a few more lovely children, and then I would have more time to be a good and attentive father.

    What job – besides your current job – would you choose if you were financially independent?

    I would like to be in Richard Branson's shoes. In many ways he is an icon and a role model for me.

    What is the biggest threat to your area of business?

    Good free programs with an amazing and free end user support. But it is not likely to happen, as it is very expensive to both deliver great software and provide great support to the customers.

    What would you do if you were Denmark's IT Minister?

    Danes are generally very innovative in several areas, but unfortunately we do not go through with many of the initiatives and ideas. I would create a framework which makes it more attractive to take the chance and start their own company. There would be a totally different and much lower tax for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. In addition, I would try to change the conditions needed, in order to make it more attractive for companies to stay in Denmark.

    How do you cope with the pressure from your job?

    I have chosen to move to Spain with my family where we live a completely different and more relaxed life. Five years ago, I made a decision not to have an alarm clock. So every day I wake up, when I wake up. I have no set meeting time at the office, but meet in between 10 and 11 most days. It is a good start of the day. This does not mean that I do not work much, but that is a different story.

    What do you do to disconnect from work?

    I play a lot of golf in my spare time, which for me is the best relaxation. Four or five hours on the golf course without a phone and a PC really allow me to relax and disconnect. Even though I live in Spain, friends and family come to visit often, which I really appreciate.

    Read the original article

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